FAQ’s And Other Policies

How do I sign up to be a 360 Care Partner?  You must be invited to become a 360 Care Partner Driver.

Step One is to Contact Us with your interest.

Step Two is SIGNING UP:

  • After 360 Care has invited you via email to become a Driver, you will be asked to download the 360 Care Driver App.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the App, you’ll be asked to Sign Up for an account using the email address from the invitation.
  • When signing up for your account please select a password that is easy for you to remember!
  • Upon completion of setting up your account, you’ll be able to login using the email and password you just created.

Step Three is Getting Rides:

  • After logging in successfully, you’ll be asked to ‘Choose Company‘.
  • 360 Care should appear in the list.
  • Select 360 Care, select your vehicle, and you’ll begin to receive rides.

I am not receiving Ride Requests!

Enabling push notifications – My Drivers aren’t receiving rides!

Push notifications are an important feature that allow for instant communication between a driver and either a dispatcher or passenger. Push notifications provide:

Alerts for ride updates

Live updating ride information in the app

History of past alerts and messages

  • To receive push notifications, drivers must enable permissions on their device to receive them. After first opening the app, a driver using the 360 Driver app for iOS will receive the following prompt:


ALLOW                                                      DISALLOW

ON 360 Driver for iOS

If you are not receiving push notifications on the iOS app, please try one of the following:

  1. Go to the device’s settings and ensure that push notifications are enabled. Open the “Settings” app, and select “Notifications”. Then, scroll to where you see 360, and select it. You will see the following screen, and please be sure that all options are selected as indicated below:

place screen shot here

  1. If push notifications issues persist, please log out and log back in.

Cancellation, No Show, Late Policies

ACS-UZURV Guidelines-Sept 2018